Alonso’s big deal | Podcast Ep 883

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In this episode, Todd and Grace discuss the news of Fernando Alonso signing a new extension with Aston Martin through 2026. They speculate on the possibility of a post-racing role for Alonso at the team and discuss the challenges of retiring from a lifelong career in Formula One.

They also touch on the topic of Honda’s relationship with Alonso, considering his past criticism of their engine. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the future of the second seat at Aston Martin and the potential for a partnership with Carlos Sainz. In this part of the conversation, Todd and Grace discuss the recent comments made by Fernando Alonso about Honda’s engine problems and the return of Formula One to the Chinese Grand Prix.

They also talk about Gene Haas’ investment in the Haas F1 team and the challenges they face in improving their performance. Grace shares her experience attending a MotoGP race and highlights the impressive performance of Maverick Vinales. She also mentions some interesting observations, such as the large birds in Texas and the availability of Ben Spies bobbleheads.

In this final part of the conversation, Todd and Grace discuss the practice of holding onto the halo or front wing during pit stops to stabilize the car. They also speculate about the change in Yuki Tsunoda’s behavior and the possibility of a robotic clone driving for him. They touch on the topic of aerodynamics in MotoGP and how it affects the look of the bikes. The episode concludes with a thank you to Patreon supporters and a reminder to leave ratings and reviews.

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00:00 Introduction and Overview
06:21 The Challenges of Retiring from Formula One
13:07 Overcoming Strained Relationships: Alonso and Honda
24:33 Fernando Alonso’s Frustration and Honda’s Engine Problems
32:08 Gene Haas’ Cautious Approach to Investing in Haas F1
45:13 The Thrilling Experience of Attending a MotoGP Race
49:39 Interesting Observations: Large Birds in Texas and Ben Spies Bobbleheads
56:21 The Mystery of Yuki Tsunoda
01:12:17 Thank You to Patreon Supporters

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