Alpine, Alonso, Piastri and Ricciardo | Podcast Ep 795

Join Grace and me as we discuss the driver silly season with Alpine’s debacle, Alonso’s move and what to do about Ricciardo. We also discuss the social issues in F1, fan’s behavior, F1’s program for reporting offensive behavior and more.

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Hi m’luverleys, thank you for an entertaining podcast for the 795th time! I have listened to you since 2007/8 and I think that I know your hard work, dedication and sense of fun. Under my living-room decorations I have ‘post of the week no.4!’ – Decorum if not humility. Thanks for discussing these hard topics, (social not Alonso.) Unacceptable behaviour can occur in any assembly of peoples and that should not be news to any event organiser. In the UK, before our present gangster regime expunges the vestiges of EU law, there are continent-wide guidelines for mass gatherings. There should… Read more »

Xean Drury

Well that got heavy! I love how unedited the dialogue can be at times. This provides a space for real discussion. As a third party observer, I think we need to remember how much the words we choose matters. I can understand why Todd went defensive when Grace suggested that all men behaved this way, and similarly Grace went defensive when suggesting that not all women feel like potential victims. I know that in Canada 2.0, as a straight, white, and not particularly interesting guy, even though I’m not in any direct line of fire as I keep a pretty… Read more »

Xean Drury

Completely agree. Events like these, and any other, should be a safe space for everyone attending. I also agree with Grace that these kind of thing are still happening and do need to be stamped out, and yes, they should also have the proper name put to them. I am encouraged by the progress that has been made since my youth and look forward to the change in public attitudes going forward. Platforms like this podcast all help move the needle in the right direction. ~X8


I thiunk Grace was right about Alonso. Also, I think Renault – and many in F1, do not realize how attractive a personality, how favorably the public in Europe and world Spanish market, regards him. He has power. What’s the best rated TV show on F1 (combined world-wide ratings)? Alonso, not the Netfix F1 recap.


C’mon Todd. Just because you and your friends haven’t behaved badly at grands prix you’ve attended, doesn’t mean that boorish or possibly criminal behavior hasn’t occurred there, or that these are only recent problems. F1 has long celebrated the sex aspects of the sport: grid girls, models on yachts, James Hunt’s antics and “conquests,” the hedonism of Watkins Glen, etc. And Indy? You do know of the Snake Pit, right? And like many other institutions (politics, football, the church…) those covering F1 may not have cared about the problems or cared to report on the problems — stick to sports… Read more »