Already a billionaire, now Bernie’s smuggling immigrants

I suspect this will be the funny Formula 1 story for the week.

A handful of immigrants trying to illegal get to the United Kingdom stowed aboard one of Formula One Management’s TV trucks as it returned to England from the Monaco Grand Prix.

That’s right. Bernie Ecclestone is smuggling people into England now! Well, not on purpose.

The Telegraph tells the tale:

The lorry drivers were oblivious to the stowaways hiding in one of their big TV trucks which carried them across the Channel until they arrived at their depot in England.

The immigrants were arrested shortly after being discovered at Biggin Hill Airport in Kent, where Ecclestone’s Formula One Management (FOM) company is based.


It is thought the immigrants climbed on board while they were parked in Calais, France.

Had they not been found, they could have joined the estimated 725,000 other illegal immigrants living in Britain.

A UK Border Agency spokesman said: “I can confirm five individuals were found at Biggin Hill Airport on May 20 who had recently arrived by road from France.

“The individuals involved were arrested and detained by the UKBA whilst their asylum claims are being processed.”

He confirmed they were discovered at Ecclestone’s company base at the airport.

I wonder if the immigrants targeted these particular trucks, figuring Bernie’s business would get through any checks fairly easily or if it was just the ones they jumped on given the opportunity.

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