America has it’s own Plucky Teen; Haas F1 sign Ferrucci

The American front gets more news in the form of a new development driver for Haas F1 who, unlike it’s main drivers, is an American. Guess what? Plucky Teen Max Verstappen isn’t the only one who can work for an F1 team.

Haas F1 Team has signed 17-year-old Santino Ferrucci as its development driver. The American from Woodbury, Connecticut, will be embedded with Haas F1 Team at every opportunity, attending races and tests throughout the year while also participating in the team’s simulator program.

Ferrucci is campaigning the full GP3 Series schedule in 2016 for DAMS, an accomplished racing team that has helped graduate numerous drivers to the FIA Formula One World Championship, including Haas F1 Team’s Romain Grosjean, who earned three championships with DAMS – the 2010 Auto GP title, the 2011 GP2 Asia Series crown and the 2011 GP2 Series championship.

“My goal since I first started racing was to become a Formula One driver, and to be an American who is part of an American team is something I take a tremendous amount of pride in,” Ferrucci said. “There is still a lot of work I need to do, but being paired with Haas F1 Team will allow me to learn more and at a faster rate. It’ll allow me to make the most of my GP3 drive with DAMS and, ultimately, prepare me for Formula One.”

Like many drivers, Ferrucci began his career in karting. At age 5, he was touring the United States and Europe. By the time he was 11, Ferrucci was a multi-time champion.

In 2013, Ferrucci graduated to open-wheel racing, competing in Formula 2000 and the Skip Barber Racing Series. Ferrucci won his Skip Barber Racing Series debut at Homestead-Miami Speedway and collected five victories, two poles and three fastest-lap awards upon the conclusion of the season. In Formula 2000, Ferrucci never finished outside of the top-four in the six races he started, with each field featuring 37 or more cars.

The 2014 season saw Ferrucci in British Formula 3. He won two races, both at Brands Hatch, becoming the youngest race winner in the history of British Formula 3 at 16 years, two months and 30 days.

In 2015, Ferrucci continued to advance in open-wheel, competing in the Toyota Racing Series New Zealand and the FIA Formula 3 European Championship. Ferrucci finished third in the Toyota Racing Series New Zealand point standings on the strength of a win and five podiums, his first full season competing in an open-wheel championship.

Ferrucci’s ascension up the racing ladder continues in 2016 with DAMS in the GP3 Series and Haas F1 Team in Formula One.

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charlie white

First of all, where did he get those jeans? Miller’s Outpost or the super Wal-Mart down the road from the Haas factory in Charlotte. I’m surprised he did not compete in the Indy Lights series.

Dr T

Santino Ferrucci, Santino Ferrucci, there’s no stopping him!

The Captain

I bet they’re Kirkland brand. You can always tell a sharped dressed Costco shopper, everything looks like mom jeans. In 4 years he can even get his Kirkland beer there too,


Sorry, but the “Plucky Teen” title must be earned… It is never given…

And a development driver can’t be bestowed with the “Plucky Teen” title. If they’re not on the grid then they’re just a “prospect”

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

The NBC guys must be weeping, because no way he will be the YOUNGEST DRIVER EVER like Max was. Thanks FIA with your silly license system.

Fred Talmadge

At 17 I was driving a 1963 Chevy that couldn’t go 100mph on a good day.

Negative Camber

Iw as driving a 1969 Firebird convertible that could but I usually didn’t. :)


At least Haas is looking to the future, he will take at least two years to qualify for a super licence. But with F1 seat time so limited, at least he will have a head start if he proves to be good enough to get there.


“Insiders close to Haas F1 have reported that the team is excited to have Ferrucci onboard as he brings many sponsors with him. The 17 year old reserve driver has close ties to nickelodeon television channel, Nintendo and Pokemon. When asked for comments, Ferrucci replied ‘I am very excited to be driving for Hass F1 and hope to one day touch a boob.”


Are you saying he is more Carmen Jorda than Max Verstappen?


I was hinting at him being so young that he still enjoyed youthful hobbies and had yet to lay with a woman.