American team in F1: ‘I think Haas will be accepted’

According to The Independent’s Christian Sylt, Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says he thinks the next team to enter the series will be an American team led by Gene Haas. Haas is co-owner of Stewart-Haas Racing in NASCAR and had made application to join Formula 1 when the FIA announced an open solicitation for new teams back in February of 2014.

What is also interesting in the story is that Günther Steiner, a former technical director for Red Bull, is rumored to be part of the plan as well. Ecclestone said:

“I think Haas will be accepted,” said Ecclestone. “They have got the money but it’s a question of whether they are going to spend it.”

This new team would represent the first American team since the 1980’s and while there are Americans working in F1, the last driver was Scott Speed back in 2007—that didn’t end well but don’t let that leave a bad taste in your mouth about Americans and their love or ability to compete in F1. Although you can’t help but love Bernie’s typical backhand of Americans:

“A billion would last a new team owner four years,” Ecclestone said. “I’ve spoken to Haas but I don’t know what they are going to do. It’s America, so I don’t know.”

America’s race in Austin has been successful and Ecclestone has been trying to get another race staged in New Jersey as well as a potential race at Long Beach on the west coast. As Sylt rightly points out, it could help the new race process along if there were an American team on the grid.

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