And Nico Rosberg’s favorite ice cream flavor is… vanilla?

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When did they stop including “don’t ever say vanilla is your favorite ice cream flavor, even if it is,” in PR 101?

About the time Nico Rosberg took the class. Because he’s the latest victim subject of the Formula 1 “Inside Line” series, and…

Q: What would you spend your last dollar on?
NR: An ice cream. A scoop of vanilla ice cream to be precise!

Q: What is your greatest weakness?
NR: Ice cream.

Aren’t you supposed to go with at least Rocky Road, or, even better, one of those kooky Ben & Jerry’s flavors?

Well, happily, all is not lost when it comes to our third, fourth? favorite German driver. Vitaly Petrov won’t be eating him any time soon:

Q: What animal would you most like to be?
NR: The eagle. To see the world from a paramount perspective would be quite something.

To be honest, that’s about all I find of real interest in this edition of these behind the scenes pieces. I’ll admit it is timely, what with the German Grand Prix just a few days off. But, man, Nico’s nickname might be the most interesting thing about him.


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