And your next favorite circuit to face Bernie’s wrath is…

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Yes, it appears Bernie Eccelstone really is determined to get rid of all the great Formula 1 tracks and replace them with the Bahrains and Koreas of the world.

Bernie now is saying that significant upgrades to the circuit in Montreal are needed before he’ll agree to extend Formula 1’s deal with Canada past 2014.

Canadian French language paper La Presse has the news. I have your friendly neighborhood Google translate for you:

There are no guarantees beyond the edition of 2014. Negotiations are underway forthe three levels of government and bodies of Formula 1 agree to a deal that couldprolong the race is held over several years.

“It is important to note that two years is the current contract with Formula One Management and the partners are different levels of government and Tourism Montreal,” responded François Dumontier, President and CEO of Racing GroupInc..

“Given the fact that permanent installations of the circuit, including the control towerand garages, are nearly 25 years, it is likely that the repair of these is an important element in negotiations for an extension the current agreement. It seems to me to be premature to advance a specific sum on possible work,” he said.

According to the paper, city leaders are appealing to other levels of government to help with the expense. The costs of hosting the race right now is divided up: Quebec and Ottawa are footing $5 million per race, Tourism Montreal $4 million and the city is in for $1 million.

Don’t forget 2008 and 2009.


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