Andretti sort of approved for F1 | Podcast Ep 856

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Grace and me as we discuss Andretti Global’s approval status for F1, F1’s waning fanbase and fan engagement (we use human analysis and AI) and Aston Martin’s struggles.

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NC, I am one of those people who have started to fall off from F1. For context I’m 40 and starting watching F1 around 2011 and started listening to the podcast in 2012, joined patreon in 2019. To me I think my loss of interest in F1 is not 1 thing, but instead a death by a thousand cuts. Here are just a few things I have noticed change in my 12ish years watching. More terrible street circuits at the cost of classic courses (“Miami”, Saudi Arabia anyone) Cars getting larger and less nimble every generation. 2012 – 640 KG,… Read more »

Mike Smith

Once again, a great podcast! This one checked the “occasionally insightful” box with aplomb. Grace’s explanation of how personal bias towards Star Wars movies is determined by which episode you watched first applies perfectly to the F1 fan base. As well as almost everything else. Tip of the hat to you, Grace. I have been an avid motor sports fan my whole life. Growing up in the Midwest, a mere 100 miles from Indianapolis Motor Speedway, my first love was IndyCar. Especially in the 80’s and 90’s with Rick Mears, the Unser’s, A.J. and the like sparring against the F1 contingent (Fittipaldi, Mansel, Luyendyk amongst… Read more »