Another best-paid athletes list puts Alonso at top of F1 heap

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Forbes is the latest to rank athletes’ pay, coming out with its top 100 paid list.

Two boxers are at the top: Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather earned $85 million in the past year; Pacquiao $62 million.

The figures include salaries, earnings and endorsemnts. Golfer Tiger Woods chipped in at No. 3.

Great, great, you’re saying. What about Formula 1 drivers?

Fernando Alonso parks at No. 19, having a total of $32 million — $29 million in salary and $3 million in endorsements. (Keep a watch out for a Horse Whisperer.)

Valentino Rossi, by the way, was right before Alonso. He made $30 million — split nearly evenly between salary and endorsements. Someone sign his agent!

No. 21 is… no, not Lewis Hamilton. It’s Michael Schumacher, who is still making bank via endorsements. His $30 million total included $10 million in endorsements. Nice.

Lewis slides in at No. 24, with $28 million in earnings, $25 million of that via his salary.

And that is it. A trio of Nascar drivers are on the list, too, a few cricket players, and a bunch of football and baseball players. The person in spot No. 100 made $16.6 million — so you can use that as your ceiling for the rest of F1.


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