Another compressed F1 weekend, is this a sign?

Saturday’s qualifying session for the US Grand Prix was postponed due to rain but that didn’t stop many faithful fans for braving torrential downpours all day long hoping to get the session in.

The qualifying session will now be held Sunday at 9am local time, juts three and half hours before the race. There is a common theme of late with compressed F1 weekends and many folks have been asking if this isn’t some sort of sign that the weekend schedule should be considered for a shakeup as it has produced some interesting results of late.

Missing the FP3 session adds drama to qualifying and missing both FP3 and qualifying may add real drama to Sunday’s race. If’ I’m honest, I know this has mixed things up a bit this year but that’s just because Mercedes are dominating. It’s a bit like seeing dodgy tires work in Canada a few years ago and then deciding to purposefully make high degradation tire to recreate the impact on the racing. Did I say that in my outside voice?

Perhaps F1 could shake up the weekend for more action on Friday and Saturday but I’m not fan of simply compressing the weekend. Perhaps pundits of a weekend shakeup are suggesting these kinds of elements that put all the teams on the back foot strategically speaking and this adds to the randomness of the results. Not sure I’m a huge fan of that either to be honest.

Regardless, I am sure I stand alone on this but the simple fact is, F1 does need time to dial in the chassis and check all the systems…especially its coveted hybrid power unit. Has the old format seen its day and a new format that is more aligned with current technology, data harvesting speeds and pitwall genius need to be considered? Perhaps, I’m all ears but let’s not be too quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater shall we?

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Paul KieferJr

Just checked the weather forecast and it’s looking good. It might rain, but it’ll be early, light and brief. I’m going.


Does anyone know if Quali is going to be televised in America?

Todd Moriarty

According to the live extra app, it will be on at 10:00 EDT on nbcsn