Another term?

After the Max Mosley’s sex scandal broke the news headlines around the world Max was quick to point out that his vote of competency should pass as he was due to step down from his position in a year anyway. Then there was the rumblings that Bernie Ecclestone made suggesting that Max should stay on another term. Then Max said he may consider it as he has done a terrific job and has a lot left to do concerning Green initiatives and cost-cutting.

Now it seems Max suggests that he won’t stand another term and will postpone his decision until June. This is like saying, “I am definitely going to be here another term and will force everyone to wait until June when I will announce that I am running again”.

I was thinking the other day that the cost of F1 has become unsustainable and at some level the FIA’s leadership over the past 5-8 years has been unsustainable as well as contributory to the F1 crisis. Honda left immediately due to the state of F1 and I wonder if Max could just take his marbles and go home as well. Greece is struggling with riots, maybe Max could do some good there or quell the genocide in Darfur or seek a cabinet position with Obama. These would be good position for Max and would leave F1 in peace. Then Bernie could say, “who needs Max anyway…he was a bad example”.

“I don’t think I shall stand again, but we shall see.”

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