Ant Davidson to BBC

Anthony Davidson has joined the BBC’s 5 Live team for F1 coverage for 2009. He guest appeared last year and I have to say that he did a terrific job. I honestly think Speed TV in the States missed and opportunity here as Anthony would have completed a terrific team and with Peter Windsor running an F1 team, Ant may have been a great addition. I wish him the best and think he has a great future in broadcast, he’s a natural. He even had some insider comments on some of the drivers that was…well, to the point and you often don’t get that kind of coverage.

“Over the last few years as a Formula One driver I’ve enjoyed being a guest commentator with Radio 5 Live, and I’m looking forward to joining the team for the full season this year as a regular in the commentary box,” he explained.

“Commentating gives me the chance to explain what it feels like to drive an F1 car to the limit, and to share the inside view on all of the demands that a driver faces over the weekend.”

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