Anthony Hamilton…stage-dad or oracle/manager?


Lewis, who never misses a chance to prop up his father in what is turning our to be a very odd relationship, spoke about his dad’s prophecy about Monaco.  Ed, over at the Times, couldn’t help but run a story about Lewis and his admiration for the manager and soothsayer of the century.

“My dad is incredible,” Hamilton said yesterday. “He came to me on the grid and said, ‘This is your race – I’ve got a great feeling about today. You can do it, just keep it out of the wall.’ I didn’t do that, but he was right – he never says I am going to win a race, but I think he knew it on Sunday.”

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Lewis needs to “kill” his father in the Freudian meaning of the word….


He sounds like a typical parent to me. They always say that to encourage the kids like when they tell you you can be president when you were 5 and all…

Negative Camber

yeah but in your case febs, that was true. :)

mark h
mark h

You know my view folks.
Fantastic Father, seemingly satisfactory soothsayer, mediocre manager.
Or rather just not the influence Lewis needs from his public advisor…
Though that is only because Anthony is (obviously and understandably) very emotionally attached to his “client”. I’m sure he’d do an impeccable job managing someone else’s son.