Are 5 engines enough for 21 or 22 races?

We’ve spoken about the 2014 regulations and in particular, I asked Shell’s oil and lubricant wizards about the task at hand of serving up to 22 races with only five (5) engines during the season. The 2013 season allows for eight (8) engines for 19 races so increasing and one has to consider that the FIA regulations was written with a 18-19 race schedule in mind. Should that ballon to 20 or 21 races, is 5 engines enough?

AUTOSPORT’s Mr. Noble wrote a nice piece on the issue today and suggested that the regulations may have to be tweaked should 21 or 22 races be approved (most notably should New Jersey come on board), this could really challenge what is already a challenging task.

Mr. Noble argues:

“In theory, with entries for the 2014 championship not officially opening until October 21, the FIA could still tweak the regulations later this month to allow the teams an extra engine to compensate.

That is because under article 199c of the International Sporting Code, the sporting rules only need to be in place 20 days before entries open. After that, unanimous support from teams will be required for modifications.”

He’s right, of course, and we were discussing the issue ourselves a few podcasts ago. How would teams face a 20-race or more schedule with a new V6 turbo engine with limited fuel rates and a brand new Energy Recovery System? I will be amazed if the teams don’t suffer reliability problems at the start of the year with so many drastic changes.

What do you think? Is 5 engines enough for 19-20 races? What about 21-22? Should the FIA make the precautionary adjustments now and avoid any legality issues by trying to change the regulations too late int eh procedural game?

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