Are DTS Fans good for F1 | Podcast Ep 827

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Grace and me as we discuss the phalanx of new fans of F1 and the Drive to Survive impact it has had on the sport. There are many who say that the DTS fans are being met with F1 gatekeepers and nasty veterans of the sport. We unpack the issue and share a few thoughts/opinions.

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Xean Drury

And after that episode, there was nary a soap box to be found. (just chivin’ ya) I completely agree that, in certain situation, there are many factors that would make me discount any person initially, or give a person credence, without just cause. I’m often the victim of this myself. Being a bookkeeper, I’ve been discounted my whole life when it comes to mechanics, construction, renovations and the like, despite the fact that I’m very accomplished and experienced in all those fields. That is how we as humans of course navigate the world. We make judgments based on the information… Read more »


now don’t laugh, but listened on a walk (podcast recording)… lost the thread (all the while in accepting the message of fairness)… what the heck is DTS?


HaHaHa… of course Netflix! Well, WTH!