The Mexican Grand Prix’s incident that prompted Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel to tell the race director, Charlie Whiting, to #### off also prompted a pile-on from Red Bull’s Helmut Marko who suggested that it was very poor behavior and not becoming a 4-time champion.

That may be true and it was Red Bull who lodged the complaint that garnered a 10-second penalty on Vettel and lost him the third place he had been given due to a penalty on Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. However, Ferrari’s boss, Maurizio Arrivabene, isn’t taking any guff from Red Bull:

“I’m not taking lessons of education from Helmut Marko, and anybody else.”

I’m also slightly surprised how AUTOSPORT is printing the actual offensive word in their stories lately…oooo…edgy. If memory serves, this is the second article I’ve read from them that dropped the F bomb…quoting of course.

Arrivabene did do a good job of calming Vettel down on the radio as a team boss should do and I commend him for that. When asked about it, he said:

“We talked together, me and Sebastian, and I don’t have to tell in public what I’m doing with the driver,” Arrivabene added.

“He excused himself [to Whiting] and I’m sure it’s not going to happen again.”

Fair enough. Sebastian wrote a formal apology and the FIa have moved on. The war between Red Bull and Ferrari may not have. Next up..Brazil!


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Vettel…lots of fire and emotional expression for a German. Must be that Italian energy rubbing off on him. If only he could channel it in a better direction.

jiji the cat
jiji the cat

Bring it on. I think Ferrari are a little sour at the moment as red bull have won 2 races, and if you look at Monaco that could have been 3, and they have surpassed Ferrari as the challenger to merc.


Cutting corners, by both, Hamilton early, Verstappen later in the same race was wrong and against the rules, let’s get this out of the way. What is however IMO sad about this race, that fine art of racing skills got trampled upon in unprecedented manner. It is a case in which both opponents – Verstappen, and Hamilton alike – were defeated by skills, rather than massive differential power of the equipment. Either of those two drivers could not hold off a car on the attack, which is why they went over the limit in their defences, leaving tarmac, and for… Read more »

Tiago Santos
Tiago Santos

The words from Vettel are not correct, but imagine if you were in his position. He could get the 3rd place has Max should be penalized. Ricciardo was charging and getting closer to Vettel. And what does the race control? Nothing. After the race they will see what happened. Why didn’t Charlie told Max to give the position?