As his email box fills up, Damon Hill questions “driver steward” role

Damon Hill says he acted “entirely properly” in his role as the former driver race steward at Monaco, but he’s questioning this year’s new procedure following the Michael Schumacher penalty and its aftermath.

Speaking to the Times, Hill said:

“It was a fascinating experience but I wonder whether it is right that drivers are put in the position of interpreting the regulations. I imagined I would be there as a consultant providing driver insight to the stewards, who would then make the decisions. My expertise is as a driver rather than a lawmaker or interpreter of regulations.

“Partly, of course, my discomfort was because I was called to make a ruling on an incident involving Michael. I acted entirely properly but I have already received some stinging e-mails accusing me of prejudice.”

This story, effectively an update from one we posted about yesterday, should add some nice hot fuel to the ongoing Schumacher penalty fire.

It’s a bit funny, all this, given that I’d say fans, drivers and most of the pitlane had seemed pretty happy about how the former drivers were going about their “consulting” roles thus far this season. Decisions, even if we didn’t agree with them, have seemed a bit more consistent, and there has been a tendency to let the drivers race and defer to an interpretation of something being a “racing incident.”

Now we’ve got Monaco, with the mix of Hill and Schumacher.

All this cries out for two things:

1. A question — Do you think that having former drivers acting as stewards is a good idea?
2. A suggestion — Get Kimi Raikkonen into that role as quickly as possible!

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