Aston Martin back away from Force India deal

I’m not sure if we can bookend the story but perhaps put a book marker in the chapter of Aston Martin enters F1. Recent talks between Aston Martin and F1 team Force India were taking place and many believed that the car maker could enter F1 through an acquisition of the team. Apparently that idea is being shelved for now as team COO, Otmar Szafanuer, said:

“They have a lot of initiatives and they’re changing their line-up of cars.

“They’re a great company with very exciting times ahead of them, and you never know when they’ll choose Formula 1 as a marketing tool.

“So for 2016 I don’t think that will happen, but for the future there are still possibilities.

“The use of Formula 1 for them was going to be many fold, and perhaps the timing of a future year is better for those objectives.”

I’ll be honest, I’m a little bummed as felt this would be the least expensive way for a manufacturer to enter the sport given they use Mercedes engines in the Force India as well as Aston Martin road cars so a simple re-badge would be in order. The chassis is on song and the team is scoring terrific points.

The question may have been down to how much the team wanted for controlling interest. Perhaps an offer last year may have been more affordable given the team just finished their best season ever in F1.

Still, it could happen for 2017 and perhaps that’s a key sticking point for the Aston Martin. With rumored significant changes due in 2017, the prudent move might be to wait and see what those changes will be prior to committing. Just a thought.


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Since this was supposed to be a tie up with Johnny Walker, is that deal in jeopardy too?Given VJ’s weak financial position – the question needs to be asked, without this deal can Force India make it through the season?


Isn’t AM trying to stick with NA/turbo only engines? Could they have been considering more foresight and predictability and anticipation of engine format changes in the near future instead of investing in ERS? Doing the latter would serve no trickle-down purpose to AM road vehicles (as much as F1 can affect consumer goods anymore…).

jiji the cat