Aston Martin enters F1 with Red Bull

Big news just prior to the start of the season as Aston Martin will now enter Formula 1 as partner to Red Bull Racing. The British car manufacturer was in talks with other team with Force India as the frontrunner for some time but that deal fell through.

I had speculated at the time that perhaps Force India were looking for a little more money than Aston Martin were willing to spend but admittedly, given this news, that may not really have been the case in full. A deal with Red Bull is a very high profile partnership for Aston and a good move for Red Bull.

Red Bull are entering the season with a Renault engine badged as a TAG and have suggested several times that they have big plans for serious engine development over the course of the season along with Ilmor as a partner but interestingly, Aston Martin uses Mercedes engines for their road cars and the AUTOSPORT article on this matter suggests that the deal is really in conjunction with a road car project between the two entities.

A few months ago it was reported that Red Bull design genius, Adrian Newey, was working with Aston Martin on a project and one would presume this is a continuation of that relationship.

In scope, it could be a very similar relationship that Red Bull had with Infiniti with branding on the car and a relationship called a technical partnership. It will be interesting to see how this relationship develops but as the article suggests, Aston Martin are keen to fight their rivals, McLaren and Ferrari, in F1 but if they aren’t making a chassis or providing an engine, it’s hardly a fight against their road car rivals is it? So let’s see how this plays out.

What’s intriguing for me is that the Force India tie-up would have made sense for Aston Martin given their Mercedes engine supply deal and a relatively good way to enter F1 without starting from scratch. Very much like Haas but getting a complete and competitive team ready to build on. A 5th place team with existing ties to Mercedes. As a 5th place team, I was assuming Force India may be asking quite a lot for their team and perhaps that had something to do with Aston Martin backing away from the table. That’s speculation on my part.

Getting on the Red Bull bus seem more complicated but I am assuming that bigger plans are at work here and perhaps the scope is more centered on the road car than it is the F1 car.


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Paul KieferJr

1. Okay, then, if it’s not engine or chassis, then what is it? Newey already has the direction on aero. What’s left?

2. If AM’s only there for road cars, then what are they doing in F1?

Something tells me that there’s more to this partnership than meets the eye. <_<


Its marketing deal for publicity for both brands. Nothing more.

Paul KieferJr

Then they might as well call Johnson & Johnson and see if they want advertising space. You could plaster the entire car with brands….

…oh, wait, that’s NASCAR. My bad.




That’s my suspicion as well…

Three small logos on the F1 car don’t exactly make for a significant return or investment into F1… Especially when the Force India deal was supposedly for a title sponsorship.

Jack Flash (Australia)

There is strong murmurings of Toro Rosso being the front runner for Sale to the Fiat-Chrysler-Group, and being the way Marchionne can do what he has been hinting (bigging up) in Publicity Statements in recents times. That is… get Alpha Romeo back into the F1 mix. The Alpha brand needs sports pedigree to be a viable Brand in the Fiat-Chrysler stable, and that pedigree has been flagging for a long time now. Alpha-Romeo needs credibility again from the sports/romantic car buying fraternity. Scuderia Toro Rosso has the Italian base. It already has the Ferrari PU back in its car AGAIN… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

“Alfa…”, actually, but this is definitely an intriguing possibility.

Jack Flash (Australia)

My bad. Alfa-Romeo.
A ridiculous multiple mispell mistake on my behalf.


The spelling police are on their way over now… quick, hide the cat!

Salvu Borg

Aston Martin have no money to spend on Formula one and neither an engine nor the technical capability to make one and trouble the present manufacturers.


I just don’t get it. A Force India partnership would have made sense; however, given Vijay’s legal woes and Subrata in jail, that’s a tough sell to any board. But to slap your badge on a TAG (Renault) powered, Newey designed car with no input whatsoever makes no sense at all. At least with the Infinity sponsorship there was a “distant cousin” relationship with Renault and Nissan that sorta made it believable. This is just cheesy.

Salvu Borg

British media BS topped up with RB cat piss at its best.


The name’s Bull, James Bull………could there be a new Bond movie coming?


Okay, this is awesome and it gets deeper…right? FORD owns Aston, so with the possibility of Bernie swinging a deal with an alternative engine supplier….just sayin..

Richard Piers

Don’t understand this at all. Aston have so little to gain from an organisation that gives so little to it’s “partners”. seems to me it’s all downside.
Newey’s abilities are as an aerodynamicist of F1 racing cars, cost no object. The aerodynamics of a road car are much simpler, minimum drag, stability at high speed and in adverse conditions and good looks ie no stupid add-ons. Costing is always important even with exotica.
Very strange !


So it appears that Adrian Newey will be involved with the design of an Aston Martin hypercar, so this makes a little more sense. Still don’t like it, but then again I’m not purchasing an Aston Martin anytime soon, so I guess it really doesn’t matter.


How about race suits that look like tuxes?

Tom Firth

Auto Express seems to indicate this is a road car deal primarily and the start of a collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull Technology in perhaps more future road car projects. This is basically as far as I can tell the deal Newey has done with Red Bull whereby he can do ‘other’ projects aside from F1. From Aston Martin’s perspective, having Newey’s name attached to the cars design, is akin to TVR recently having hired Gordon Murray as the designer of its new car, or Murray with the Mclaren F1. Auto Express also seemed to indicate the F1… Read more »

jiji the cat

Woo hoo