Aston Martin / Red Bull plot thickens, Newey designing road car

As AUTOSPORT continues to peel away the layers of the Aston Martin and Red Bull tie-up, they’ve stumbled into the news that Red Bull’s legendary Formula 1 designer, Adrian Newey, is actually working with the car company on a new car.

The last F1 fans heard was the Newey was backing away from the F1 design role in order to focus on the America’s Cup yacht for Ben Ainslie. He may very well be doing that but AUTOSPORT says that Newey is also trying to help Aston Martin create a car to compete with the McLaren P1 GTR and Ferrari FXX. Red Bull said the relationship was:

[quote_box_center]”ongoing, with no certainty of reaching fruition”[/quote_box_center]

In a previous story, the Aston Martin link-up with Red Bull could be complicated and some rumors have the car maker more linked to Williams F1, Force India or Lotus given Mercedes and their partial ownership of Aston Martin. The current Mercedes engine customers seem a logical choice for carrying the Aston Martin brand such as Infiniti currently does on the back of Renault down the sidepod of the Red Bull F1 car.

Rumors are often times their own reward but for the ones that become truth, the results are often very intriguing and usually much greater in detail that first thought. Could Red Bull find refuge in a Mercedes engine supply badged as Aston Martin?

A Mercedes-powered Red Bull could find success given their history of Newey designed championship-winning chassis and there is no secret that the team is beyond frustrated with current engine supplier Renault Sport F1.


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Paul KieferJr

If anything, it looks like RBR’s putting a backup plan in place in the event that Renault pulls out. That says to me that they intend to be in it for the long-haul despite what Mateschitz says.

Tom Firth

So Murray is designing a TVR, Newey is designing an Aston Martin, what next, Barnard designing a Morgan?

Tom Firth

Anyway isn’t Vulcan meant to be Aston Martin’s answer to the Ferrari FXX, which is already long passed the design stage, or is another car in the pipeline?


Maybe aston martin coming to f1 is a sign of possibly bringing back v12 engines?