Audi and Porsche and F1 | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 779

Join Grace and me as we discuss Aston Martin, upgrades, Alpine, Otmar, Audi, Porsche, VW, Red Bull, Ferrari and much more…including Lewis Hamilton’s butt.

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re: VW and Audi coming into the sport.
The days of buying a team cheaply are gone as the sport is very successful (attendance figures are high, the AUS GP was sold out Sat and Sun, and the British GP has already sold out too). An F1 team is worth around 600-800 million, so it’s more likely that they will buy/produce engines, personally I think it will be with RBR, let’s face it, they don’t produce cars so as long as they have control of the lump in the back, they then don’t have to worry about the cost.


Just one point that I thought I’d add to the Audi/Porsche in F1 discussion, we shouldn’t forget the interest that Porsche has shown in developing an “Ecofuel” and how that could or could not affect the likelihood of them entering F1.
Then again, any ecofuel may need to be dictated in the formula and mean that even if Porsche has their druthers in using the ecofuel in F1, that it could mean that their development may be Formula-wide and not necessarily beholden to any one team.