Audi: Petit Le Mans update

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Audi started the race in P3 and P4 but an excellent move by Allan McNish claimed the lead on lap 2. Setting some blindingly quick laps in the wet, McNish had lapped the two Peugeot’s before the rains started to fall, in fine Georgia fashion, bringing out the red flag.

A series of spins and tactical work saw Audi back in P3 and P4 behind the Peugeot’s. McNish spun, or half spun, twice while Marco Werner spun once. The team is optimistic and look forward to the restart of the race as McNish’s pace in the wet is unparalleled.

The decision to wave the red flag was for a very heavy rain and lightning. In hindsight, you could second guess the pit stop strategy of many of the teams but that’s armchair philosophy at best. For Audi, it was the strategy at hand. The rain was slowly moving and in all fairness, the first spin for McNish presented a unique opportunity to pit out of sequence and leap frog the Peugeot’s. The plan worked as McNish slotted into 2nd but lost the spot to Pedro Lamy’s Peugeot when he spun a second time.

Here’s what Allan McNish had to say about the race so far and the red flag strategy:

Allan McNish- Petit Le Mans update

Looking forward, the #2 car is in good shape, on the same lap and in the hands of one of the most brilliant sports car drivers in the field. If McNish can get the jump on the Peugeot’s on the restart, there is every reason to believe Audi may retain the title of undefeated at the Petit Le Mans.

The #1 car is two laps adrift but as with any endurance racing, especially in the wet, anything can happen.

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