In a spectacular race, Audi has secured their 8th win (9th is you count the Bentley win).  A fabulous race that saw the first real competition to Audi’s dominance in years.Tom Kristensen, Allan McNish and Dindo Capello ran a nearly flawless race that left Dr. Wolfgang Ulrich in tears as the #2 car crossed the finish line.  A sign of the pressure the team faced in fending off a fiercely competitive Peugeot.  Peugeot had a terrific race with Jacques Villeneuve, Marc Gene, and Nicolas Minassian at the wheel but the last 90 minutes may have sealed their fate when rain forced a decision to keep Minassian on slicks while Audi opted for intermediates.

Many may question why they chose to stay on slicks but if you watched the race in its entirety, you will recall that Audi dominated Peugeot when rain started to fall over night.  As often is the case, rain was the grand equalizer.  Still, Peugeot finished 10 laps down to Audi last year and just mere minutes this year.  They can be proud of their efforts and they drove a terrific race.

As a side bar; Tom Kristensen won his record breaking 8th Le Mans today.  A feat to be respected by any who follow sport.

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