Austin hearing key for USGP development

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An Austin city board will be deciding whether the developers of the planned U.S. Grand Prix can go ahead with some variances to city rules that will enable construction to move more quickly.

The hearing is tonight — Wednesday night. The city documents on the hearing can be found here.

Essentially at issue is whether the city should allow construction on slopes more than 15% in grade (which is pretty steep), “cut” — i.e. digging — up to 36 feet and “fill” — i.e. building up the land — up to 26 feet. While not unprecedented, they are outside the usual building rules.

City staff is recommending approval of the variances. You’ll see the various rationales — safety, to meet the requirements for an F1 track, etc.

We’ll update after the hearing is over.

In the meantime, feel free to peruse the documents. See anything of interest?


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