Australian GP…from a braking point of view

Melbourne is an urban track that winds its way through the Albert Park streets. It is a fast track and quite demanding for the brakes. The 9 braking zones on the track are all medium-high level difficulty for the braking systems and are characterized by variable decelerations. Because it is a non-permanent track, during the race weekend it is gradually rubberized, which causes an increase in deceleration and brake stress in terms of wear and temperature.


 Length: 5,303 m

 Number of laps: 58

 Type of circuit: Hard

 Number of brakings: 9

 Time spent under braking per lap: 15%


Turn by turn



It will be interesting to note the braking zones and where the 2014 cars start braking. Some have suggested that braking will start earlier due to the performance characteristics of the cars so keep and eye on these areas.

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