Australian GP Review | Podcast Ep 880

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished.

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In this episode, Todd and Paul discuss various races, including the Australian Grand Prix. They also talk about Heart of Racing’s performance and the challenges they faced. The conversation then shifts to the dominance of Ferrari in the Australian Grand Prix and the strong performance of McLaren.
They also discuss the challenges faced by Red Bull and the rumors surrounding the team. Overall, it was an exciting and eventful episode with insights into the world of Formula 1 racing. In this part of the conversation, the principal themes discussed include Jos’s involvement in Red Bull Racing, Sergio Perez’s race performance, Visor Gate, Aston Martin’s performance, Fernando Alonso’s penalty, Haas F1’s performance, and Williams’ performance.
In this episode, Todd and Paul discuss troubleshooting and critical self-reflection in Formula 1. They also analyze Alpine’s missed opportunity, the need for spare chassis, and the challenges of flyaway races. The hosts delve into Esteban Ocon’s issues and Alpine’s lack of competitiveness.

They also touch on Valtteri Bottas’ controversial commercial and Sauber’s wheel nut problems. The conversation concludes with a review of Mercedes’ struggles with the new car, a critique of the Sky Sports F1 pre-race show, and the awards for Move of the Race, Donkey of the Race, and Drive of the Race.


  • Troubleshooting and critical self-reflection are crucial in Formula 1 to address problems and improve performance.
  • Alpine missed an opportunity for a top 10 finish due to a lack of competitiveness and strategic errors.
  • The need for spare chassis should be considered to avoid race-ending issues like Esteban Ocon’s.
  • Mercedes’ wheel nut problems highlight the importance of reliable equipment and efficient pit stops.
  • Carlos Sainz’s comeback drive was impressive and showcased his skill as a driver.


00:00 Introduction and Recap
01:05 Heart of Racing’s Performance
05:12 Conversation about Australia and Fruit Bats
08:12 Analysis of the Australian Grand Prix
13:15 Ferrari’s Dominant Win
19:45 Red Bull’s Challenges
26:13 Yoss’s Involvement in Red Bull Racing
28:02 Sergio Perez’s Race Performance
30:23 Visor Gate
32:40 Aston Martin’s Performance
34:46F ernando Alonso’s Penalty
41:33 Haas F1’s Performance
49:23 Williams’ Performance
51:52 Troubleshooting and Critical Self-Reflection
52:22 Alpine’s Missed Opportunity
52:39 The Need for Spare Chassis
53:02 Alpine’s Challenges with Flyaway Races
53:31 Esteban Ocon’s Race Over
53:54 Alpine’s Lack of Competitiveness
54:09 Valtteri Bottas’ Commercial Controversy
54:34 Mercedes’ Wheel Nut Issues
55:49 Mercedes’ DNFs
56:17 Mercedes’ Struggles with the New Car
58:08 Disappointing Sky Sports F1 Pre-Race Show
59:01 Move of the Race: Fernando Alonso’s Defense
59:45 Undercuts as a Strategic Advantage
01:03:53 Donkey of the Race: Gunther Steiner’s Interview Skills
01:09:31 Drive of the Race: Carlos Sainz’s Comeback
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Love the pod as always! I do think that Yuki does get an unfair shake of the stick when it comes to how the media analyzes his performances. Like he drubbed NdV when many thought he’d get shown up, his performances against Lawson were very fair considering how many of his races were either ruined by things outside his control (Dutch GP, Monza, Singapore), and now his continued dominance over DR3 is seen as something Daniel is lacking as opposed to Yuki maybe just growing into a really good level driver. Like he’s beat better teammates than Albon for comparison

Xean Drury

He’s done a good job of beating Danny Ric. In 2022 though, Gasly had his measure. I feel like comparisons of Tsunoda this year is like comparing, “Who’s the better number two driver,” if that makes sense. Kind of reminds me of how Williams though their car was absolute garbage until Albon stepped in, and it was like, “Oh, okay. Not so bad after all.” Here’s a question for the older heads in this fandom. I’m relatively new (2008) to F1. In times past, were teams so eager to support a driver not making big productions? Like a Sargent or… Read more »


I think a problem with contemporary F1 has been the points for the super license system. Teams can’t really pull a driver from outside the preferred F3/F2 ladder as easily as they could before (funny enough it was made to stop another Verstappen from happening) so the pool of new entrants is smaller. Also RB owning 2 teams means that the number of judges that can give a driver a seat is smaller as well. Last thing on Yuki is that I think he’s shown incredible flashes in his rookie year (like Bahrain or in Abu Dhabi) and has grown… Read more »