Australian GP Review | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 778

Join Paul and me as we review the Australian Grand Prix. We cover each team as they finished, hand out awards (who was our drive of the race?) and even talk about Paul’s big win at the Long Beach race in IMSA with the Heart of Racing Team.

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Tim C

Congrats to Paul and the whole Heart of Racing team! Great race and excellent result!

Xean Drury

Regarding Albon, if LEC had passed him prior to starting his final lap on his 1,000 laps old tires, would he still be penalized for not using two compounds during the race? It’s not like he can control when the race ends, and the team could say, “Look, we were going to pit him on the final lap, we just never had the chance to since his race ended early.”
I’m curious if anyone thinks an argument could be made in such a situation, where a car could go the distance on one set of tires. ~X8

The International

No That is up to the team to judge correctly, like drive time in IMSA, you cut it too fine a margin and you will pay for it

Xean Drury

Interesting. Thank you for that insight, and congratulations on the win! ~X8


Nice t-shirt Paul, I have the same one.