Austrian GP Review | Podcast Ep 843

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Paul and me as we review the FIA Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished and talk a lot about the track limit penalties as well as how to potentially solve it in our mailbag section.

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My friend and I had a discussion over beers, so take this for what it’s worth, about why Max’s domination hits differently. We settled on it’s Max’s personality. He’s super boring, he’s like the guy in school who got 100% on everything without trying, wasn’t annoying, wasn’t anything. Part of the appeal of F1 is that you actually get to “know” the drivers. Michael frigging loved every part of the sport, right down to turning a wrench, Vettel was so passionate he would have married his car if he could, Lewis celebrated his last win like his first. Even Kimi,… Read more »