Autosport: Hamilton/Ryan lied in face of evidence

Ryan Hamilton
Autosport ran a story that suggested Lewis Hamilton and Dave Ryan refused to change their story at a second Steward meeting even after being presented the radio and TV interview evidence. The story contains a comment from an FIA “insider” and Charlie Whiting himself as to the gravity of the situation. An excerpt:

“When asked very clearly, ‘Did you consciously let him past, did you pull over to let him past’, he [Hamilton] said, ‘No'”.

Follow link above for full story.

This sheds some light on the issue that Lewis had ample opportunity and was asked on more than one occasion if he had let Jarno Trulli past and he said “no”. Not a mystery for any of us but what it does show is some insight to what was previously known in the first Stewards meeting immediately following the race. We have always said that we may never know the whole truth unless there is a transcript of that very first meeting and this article suggests the Stewards did not have the radio and TV interview information at that time but did in the second meeting. It is also telling that five days later, armed with this evidence, Lewis and Dave still said “no”.

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