Babes in F1…no, not those ‘babes’

If Formula 1 was looking for female drivers, perhaps the grid’s rash of new baby announcements could be a possible reality.

Nico Rosberg’s wife gave birth to their first child, a daughter, after the Belgian Grand Prix but that news is well known. What may not be as well know is that Sebastian Vettel’s girlfriend, Hana Prater, has given birth to their second child, another daughter.

On a personal note, Sebastian and I are in the same situation, two daughters, and couldn’t be happier. What a joy they are. My daughters have been watching, hearing and seeing F1 since their birth and could name the drivers and cars way before their fifth birthday. That’s a knock-on effect of having a dad who runs a F1 blog but the difference is, Nico and Seb’s daughters have a dad who races F1 for a living.

Perhaps one day we’ll see a Vettel take on a Rosberg and both are trying to eclipse Lella Lombardi as the only woman to earn a Formula 1 point.

Nico and Seb aren’t the only dads on the grid. Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa, Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean all have little ones at home.

Raikkonen child
Kimi Raikkonen and his family.

Congratulations to Seb and Nico and to their significant others who did all the hard work!

Hat tip: Bild

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João Justo

Hello. I found these videos with the f1 car champions, cool. part 1 part 2

Dr T

For the first time since Spain 2012 something has happened in Pastor’s life that we can only hope was not an accident… (and even if it was, hopefully a well lovely little one)