Back rubs and brake changes

The teams are limited to 60 operational personnel at an event weekend in 2013 but there has been some concern over those pesky Physio’s the drivers drag to the races. It seems FIA technical boss, Charlie Whiting, is having to take a longer look at the role the Physio plays at a race weekend.

While one would think a physio is there to see to the driver’s needs, apparently some have been handling pit boards and tire blankets. I recall the video of McLaren’s Ron Dennis roughing up a pit board man after the Alonso/Hamilton kerfuffle only to find out it was Alonso’s physio.

Whiting told reporters:

“But some of them operated a pit board, or fitted tyre blankets. Those sorts of things.

“I felt that the best interpretation was that if a physio was just doing what everyone would think a physio should be doing, and not doing any other tasks, they should not be counted in the 60. Some teams disagree, but we’ve made our position clear.”

You can’t blame teams for trying to use every available set of hands in the garage for duties the team needs and when the drivers are on track, what does a physio actually do? Why not man the pit board?

On the flip side of that argument, this does place the person in an operational role and Charlie would be right in counting them among the rank and file. What do you think? Should a physio holding a pit board count as “operational staff”?

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