Badoer blames press


You have to feel some compassion for the guy. He reallyw anted to do well and unfortunately he did not. Now, whether you feel the media is to blame is another question altogether. But that is who Luca Badoer is suggesting is to blame for his short tenure as the replacement driver for Ferrari’s Felipe Massa.

“Those who write don’t understand how much harm they can cause,” Badoer was quoted as saying by Gazzetta Sportiva. “The media played a fundamental role in the decision to replace me.”

You can read the rest of the story here at Autosport. So does he have a point? For me, I was astounded at how crass the media were with him when it was first announced that he would given the chance. Then after the initial race in Spain, the gloves really came off. I could be accused of being a Ferrari fan so maybe I have been seen as an apologist for Badoer but that’s not the case. I don’t like seeing red cars at the rear of the grid.

No, I was more nonplussed with the actions of the media but then I understand that these things sort of write themselves and the many dynamics of the issue were at play. Some felt it is a shame to have such a guy in the pinnacle of motor sport and others thought he was the worst choice as they liked Gene’s chances much better. Others expect more from the teams and drivers as they pay big money to watch, work in or cover the sport. I get that but it was a little surprising to see how quickly the world devoured a guy who by all rights, it really a quiet diminutive guy. Just a little odd but nothing I am willing to stand on the soapbox of piety about.

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