Badoer Drives F60 at ‘Promotional’ Event


Those pesky promotional events that drivers always complain about have a way of coming up at the most opportune time. So it is no wonder that the fortuitous moment has arrived for Ferrari just seven days before Luca Badoer, nine-years-rusty, will drive the 2009 F60 at a “promotional” event this week.

Now don’t get too upset because he has to use the Bridgestone ultra-hard compound and can’t exceed a speed of 100km so as far as a real shakedown, that is highly unlikely. Still, getting the feel for the KERS button and the current aero and power/torque curve can’t hurt.

If only the “promotional” event would have happened a week or two ago, Schumacher could have participated. Darn the luck.

“While Felipe is recovering in Brazil, tomorrow the Scuderia will take up its work after a two-week break, which had been agreed with the other teams. Over the next three days the team will concentrate on the preparations for the races in Spain and Belgium, which will be held on the last two weekends in August.

“Next to Kimi Raikkonen, Luca Badoer will start into the races, debuting as an official Scuderia driver. Tomorrow and Tuesday Luca will be part of a video shooting for promotional purposes behind the F60’s wheel at the Fiorano race track.”

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