Badoer to leave Ferrari (but we all know it could take a while)


Luca Badoer, the slowest Ferrari driver in Formula 1 history, is leaving the team, according to a report in the Italian mag Autosprint.

For you multi-lingual types, here’s the link.

I will always remember how I just missed seeing him drive at Monza in 2009. Instead, I was privileged enough to watch Giancarlo Fisichella do his best to make Luca not feel like he was such a bad driver. (Seriously. Although not a Ferrari fan, I don’t think it would have killed me to have my 40th birthday — and an excuse for a nice trip to Italy — come a year later.)

Of course, given Badoer’s track record, I expect his exit to take some time. So there’s no real hurry to offer your farewells.

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