Badoer to race until Massa returns

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There has been much speculation about who will drive Felipe Massa’s car until his return. Part of the speculation was answered when Michael Schumacher ruled out a return leaving Luca Badoer as the official replacement.

Rumors swirled as to the prospect of Schumacher eventually returning later in the year or perhaps Marc Gene even making an appearance. Those rumors seem to have been scuppered by Luca Badoer himself:

“If I had only Valencia, only one chance, I would be very worried, and I would try to do everything, maybe with a lot of pressure and maybe with a lot of mistakes – but that’s not the case because until Felipe comes back, the car is mine,” he said. “So I have some time in which to improve, to develop the situation.”

For continuity, this may make the most sense but then again, if Schumacher rang up saying; “I’m all better now…fancy a go?”, I submit that Badoer would be sitting in his testing driver office at Maranello within 3 hours. Just saying…


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