Bahrain tests lights for F1 night race

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While there may be no guarantees that the 2014 Bahrain Grand won’t include protests, it is set to be a night race come April. The Bahrain International Circuit has just installed a new lighting system to celebrate their 10th anniversary as a host nation to Formula 1. Bahrain International Circuit chief executive Salman bin Isa al-Khalifa said:

“This is by far the biggest development project we have ever undertaken at the BIC since the circuit was first built,” he said.

“I believe that there can be no better way for us to mark our 10th anniversary in F1 by demonstrating our long term commitment to the sport through this significant investment,” said al-Khalifa.

Formula 1 is trying to bring more night races into its stable of grands prix, especially those in far-flung locations. The intent is to accommodate British prime time audiences and Bahrain could be the latest added to the night race venues joining Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

Singapore has been a success both visually and from a race perspective and there has not been a wet race as of yet. Having Middle East venues as night races could be a good move as the likelihood of rain is reduced even more. It may not be a big issue but driving at night with bright street lights and reflective light issues would make it incredibly difficult for me to drive in but that may be my personal issue.

Bahrain is slated for April in 2014 as a night race.

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