Baku on track for June says Whiting

FIA race director Charlie Whiting has made a visit to the Baku street circuit that will play home to a Formula 1 grand prix this season and says it looks great:

“The Circuit will be ready,” said Whiting. “You can see the quality of all the installations wherever you look. My next trip to Baku will be at the beginning of June and I’m expecting to be able to say it will be ready then.

“It will be a fascinating F1 race. Turns 8 to 12 will probably be the most interesting but so will the run from Turn 12 to 15, where the approach to Turn 15 in particular will be quite spectacular.

“The very long run from Turn 16 to 20, which is going to be flat out, will also be amazing to watch! If I had to compare one circuit to this one, it would be Singapore, but the speed here will be much higher!”

It has a unique character to it and I’ve watched some videos, including Ted Kravitz biking around the circuit, and it does look interesting.

Baku circuit

charlie says he is slated to return in June and hopes to give it the green light.

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jiji the cat

Love street circuits. They seem to be the only circuits in modern F1 that penalise mistakes.


I wish my hometown would get an F1 race downtown…then maybe we can get some decent asphalt down there finally!