Baku was ‘boring’, we need more tracks like Baku!

It’s always interesting to see a race from two sets of eyes and in this case, F1 champion Alain Prost and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. While I did see a few fans echoing the Prost sentiments, I also read several comments about the track actually being very intriguing and perhaps we just didn’t have the most exciting race.

AUTOSPORT ran two articles today from both and here’s what Prost had to say:

“I did not watch Friday and Saturday so I just followed social media and everyone was saying fantastic things about the track so I was quite happy to go and put on my TV,” Prost said.

“That was a disaster for me, I did not see the track everyone was talking about it.

“The positions of the camera were not very good. It was not really a good show.

“There was only one corner, with the left/right, where the cars were OK, where you get the impression of the speed.

“You’re watching the onboard camera and under braking, you cannot see the speed, you cannot hear the noise, you cannot see the difficulty.

“If I’m seeing what F1 is for the first time, I just think I’m doing the same behind the wheel of my [road] car.

“I want it to show something very difficult.

“I was really bored.”

To contrast that, Toto Wolff said:

“Two weeks ago I was on the Isle of Man looking at the TT and I found it very spectacular,” he said.

“I think that Baku is a spectacular track, it’s just what we need in Formula 1 – although I can understand that from the drivers’ perspective it needs to be as safe as possible.

“Nobody wants to see racing in supermarket car parks with runoff areas that are miles wide and where you can rejoin if you made a mistake.

“This makes all the difference and therefore without having a driven a car here – and this is why my view is subjective – I think this is just what we need.”

How did you see it? Put aside the actual race for a moment and just think of the circuit, did you like it?


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It felt like the track that could, but didn’t. The tight and twisty section, balanced by the insane full throttle blast that ends the lap, did look promising. Combine that with a bumpy low grip surface, and the potential for either carnage or an exciting race (it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between those two) was there. In the end, though, it didn’t quite materialize. What could have been an opportunity to overtake following a mad, gutsy all-out slipstreaming ride, was DRS:ed into a “passing-as-though-they’re-stationary” fest. If there ever was a track that didn’t need DRS, this was it. I know… Read more »

#F1 'o^°o-

Turns 3-7 are boring, DRS is boring,sky commentators are boring.
Prost is right about the FOM cameras and high overhead shots at the start and other parts, plus you can barely hear the cars over the non stop talking about polotics.

jiji the cat

The track is good. It will be a punishing track, however i feel drs ruined it. The drivers never took dives up the inside as they new the drs advantage they would have in that mammoth straight. Don’t try anything risky just wait for drs.

Jamie Huntoon

Dr Prost is correct again!

#F1 'o^°o-

I could at least say it is better than Eurosport (Lemans). The lead commentators are horrible,going on about everything but the action on the track. Half the time i don’t know who is driving the cars they are showing just the car model and numbers. The ticker on the bottom goes by really fast and takes away the a good portion of the picture.The pit reporter can barely speak english. it goes on and on.

Paul KieferJr

I expected a crash fest. I didn’t get one (not that I needed one, mind you). The Verstappen dive-bomb pass at Turn 1 was great. Other than that, I was happy enough that everyone behaved themselves and got through it okay.

Catherine M Johnson

Yes I liked it and I find it annoying reading fans complaining of no crashes.

Junipero Mariano

I liked the track. Maybe the drivers were being cautious this time. Next year may be a different story.

Negative Camber

I was trying to really search my soul here and I think I actually liked the track more than other street circuits of late. I like that it is a different beast in terms of speed and requires a different set up. I could be wrong on that though, it’s just my initial reaction to the circuit was positive but like Valencia, I think it is difficult to really get the camera angles to show the full scope.

The Captain

I don’t know. I actually liked the track, for a street circuit. It felt better than Sochi that’s for sure. So while I liked the track I will admit the race was kinda boring though. I think I’m gonna hold out judgement on this one for a couple of races. See how it plays out. One bad race doesn’t make a track bad, just like one good race didn’t make Valencia a good track.

charlie white

I found the track a bit on the boring side but it is a street circuit. The scenery was ver nice on television. But guess what? Bernie sez it may be a night race next year!


The only problem I had with the circuit was the single DRS activation point for both the main straight & the 2nd straight between turns 2 & 3. That 2nd straight really needed its own activation point, which would have allowed a car that was passed on the straight to have a chance of fighting back. The race was dull, but qualifying certainly was not. The difference? In qualifying they were pushing hard, in the race they were cruising to save tyres and (to a lesser extent) fuel, and that’s why we didn’t see a single safety car. If Pirelli’s… Read more »

Meine Postma
Richard Piers

Surprised myself by really enjoying the whole weekend. The winner had an easy ride but there was enough going on elsewhere to keep the interest. Maybe a bit of refining needed but the speeds were impressive, the noise amplified, the venue attractive. Think they need to take another look at safety otherwise promising and different.
I’m in the Wolff camp not Prost.

Zachary Noepe

I’m not as critical of DRS as the hosts because there’s worse in F1 than seeing a parade of faster cars stuck behind one slow car (McLaren) for the whole race, anything seems better than that. In this race, however, I think the design of the track combined with DRS made a mess. If you’re going to have DRS on a course with half the course barely wide enough for one car and no room for mistakes, and the other half the course a straight over a mile long, the drivers are going to tiptoe around the twisty bit and… Read more »

João Jorge

I liked the track but, as a rule, i prefer street circuits.

the cars are closer to the cameras and there’s always a greater possibility of a safety car (though we got none here, in Canada and in Monaco). I very much agree with Toto Wolf on this one.

As for the TV cameras placement and the 2nd DRS zone, i would think that they will be adressed by next year’s race. After all it was a brand new racetrack for everyone. Drivers, teams, TV directors and race directors.

I’m very much looking forward to next year’s race.