Banning Russia | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 773

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Russian/Ukrainian impact on F1 and motorsport. We discuss keeping Seb and what would you pay for a Max?

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Thoughtful discussion on banning of Russians. F1 cancelling the Russian GP, I think that makes total sense. Cutting ties with sponsors, I can see how you get there. Personally I would stop short of banning individuals. In Mazepin’s case, he had an F1 seat because of Russian money, the money goes away, so does his seat. I think that’s fine. But the unilateral ban on Russians in sport goes too far. This is different than doping or cheating or other scandals, this is basically rounding up people for having a different colour passport and saying that thing you’ve trained your… Read more »

Jeff Saunders

Looks like Ferrari has listened to Grace as it appears they have removed all references to Kaspersky from their car and website! Good job guys 


I think the one aspect missing from this conversation is that people often have to deal with hardships through no fault of their own. Ukrainians certainly didn’t want to be shelled or have to flee their country. If the worst that Russian citizens have to experience is the lack of Western products and not being able to participate in sport I think those are fair repercussions. It might not be fair on an individual level but neither is what is happening to Ukrainians. I don’t advocate for discriminating against people of Russian heritage, and I think any Russian who want’s… Read more »


I understand the concern and obviously at the extremes these ideas could lead to horrible things like internment camps. However, I draw a distinction between Russian heritage and citizenship. To some extent citizenship is a choice and brings with it certain benefits and responsibilities. Heritage is very different and I don’t believe in persecuting people based on their heritage. For instance, a Canadian citizen who has Russian heritage should always be allowed to play in the Toronto symphony, but a Russian citizen who is a guest of the Toronto symphony would be a different matter. I Also think the expectations… Read more »