After agreeing to a test limit this past winter that would limit a test to two cars and one circuit; BAR and Toyota have turned up with as many as three or four cars at Jerez. All teams except Ferrari, as you might recall, agreed to this arrangement and BAR as well as Toyota are taking advantage of a loop-hole in the self-imposed regulation.

The last test before the summer break in August apparently has BAR and Toyota scrambling to test the latest upgrades and refinements. A V8 is even being tested in preparation for next year.

So is Ferrari still the ostracized abstainer from the self-imposed ban or were they just thinking realistically about the outcome of such a paper thin agreement? Hindsight seems to show that this type of loop-hole exploitation is really a precursor of what would happen in a GPWC world. Seems they would face the same type of actions that the FIA and FOM are currently facing. Can the manufacturer’s really run a better series?

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