Barcelona testing – F1B trackside!

Hello folks, I have some exciting news… Thanks to the wonderful folks at Deutsche Welle, and at the Circuit de Catalunya, I am currently packing my bags – well, I took a brief break to share the news with y’all – ready to fly off to sunny Spain, and cover the final four-day pre-season test in Barcelona, which starts in just over 24 hours.

This is not the time to bore you with the fact that it’s the last time the cars are on the track before driving in anger in Bahrain two weeks later – for you’re on this site, and so you probably already know.

Keep an eye out for a few daily reports on the website, hopefully illustrated with some passable pictures (allowing for my lacking skill and my mediocre camera, that is), and for an audio roundup of the event once the dust has settled and I’m back in Bonn. With a favourable wind, there should be some of the voices you really want to hear included in that little show, as well. People who are by no means strangers to the paddock.

I’ll check back in on Thursday, guys and gals.

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