Barrichello: Brawn should have kept drivers

Veteran F1 driver Rubens Barrichello has suggested that Brawn GP owners should have fought to keep its drivers for 2010. The Brazilian F1 pilot, who is moving to Williams F1, told Marca newspaper:

Brawn gp

“Honestly, if I were the owner of the Brawn would have fought for the retention of the two pilots, for the work that was done during the season,” said Rubinho. The Brazilian, who at the end of the season Brawn announced he was leaving to form with the Williams team, said, however, that his decision was not motivated by a perceived lack of interest from his former team on hold.

“My decision was taken early, was a childhood dream to drive a Williams, so I signed the contract very rapidly,” he said. The Brazilian also said he was surprised by Button’s decision to change Brawn by McLaren for next season. “Button’s decision took me by surprise, I never imagined that he too would come out,” he said.

A childhood dream? Fair enough but if Brawn GP were overly interested in either Barrichello or Button, I suggest they would still be there. The fact is Brawn GP were open to younger, more lucrative drivers and Nico Rosberg fit that bill. The big question still remains, who will fill the remaining seat? Rumors are still rampant that 7-time champion Michael Schumacher is in line for the seat but for now, one has to wonder if Brawn GP’s lack of fighting for Button or Barrichello is more a sign of economics or just a pure lack of real inerest in either driver.

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