BBC: Raikkonen-to-Ferrari is done deal

The BBC’s Andrew Benson says that a deal to bring Kimi Raikkonen back to Ferrari is all but done and should be announced very shortly. According to Benson, the deal was completed Monday and will be announced imminently.

We suggested this was the case many moons ago when Raikkonen had that odd comment about folks finding his 2014 decision as ‘stupid’ and it seemed to us that returning to Ferrari would be the only decision that would raise eyebrows. Now we’re taking his comment in July a little (or a lot) out of context but it still seemed possible given the return of James Allison to Ferrari.

If Benson has it right (and there is little reason to believe he doesn’t), the pairing of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen could be the most lethal on the grid in 2014 but it takes more than two world champions to win more titles. It takes a car and that’s what Allison is there for.

Many suggest that Alonso would have his knickers out of shape over the arrival of Raikkonen, who was jettisoned in order to make room for Alonso, but other suggest that Kimi is apolitical and couldn’t care less about who is number one or who is number two. That may be somewhat true but it’s hard to imagine the Fin reacting positively to a radio call like, “Fernando is faster than you”.

Mr. Noble at AUTOSPORT says, effectively, the same as benson. This means that current Ferrari driver Felipe Massa is in need of a ride and to be honest, many felt that Nico Hulkenberg would be the best replacement for the struggling Brazilian. It appears that isn’t going to be the case.

In light of the Ferrari decision, Lotus F1 has some work to do and if I were the Eric Boullier, I would be calling Hulkenberg. Nico wouldn’t be as pricey as Raikkonen and I believe he would pick up where Kimi left off…he’s a very talented driver.

Will Alonso/Raikkonen work? Why would Ferrari pass up Hulkenberg for Raikkonen? Ferrari have always been a team that gets the best drivers it can and rarely take risks on youngsters or drivers they feel haven’t had the kind of results that Ferrari merits. What do you think? Can this be Ferrari’s master stroke to get back on top in 2014?

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