Behold…Hamilton the career destroyer

I’m not quite sure I am tracking with Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony, on his recent comments to Sky Sports F1. There’s no doubt Anthony has every right to be proud of what his son has achieved and even more optimistic about what he may achieve in 2017 but I’m not quite sure I understand his statement completely.

“Anybody who goes up against Lewis needs to have planned their career correctly because it could be a career-ending move when you go up against Lewis,” Hamilton Snr told Sky Sports News HQ.

“I personally think, while he’s getting older and more mature, he’s still actually heading towards the prime of his career. So Lewis is going to be a force to be reckoned with this year.”

I think I understand the prideful warning but Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg’s careers were not victims of Lewis Hamilton’s awesomeness. Maybe I’m missing some nuance to the statement.

I agree that the older Lewis gets, the better he has been in the car and that 2017 should be a season ripe for him to claim a fourth title if Mercedes deliver the goods. I also agree that Valtteri Bottas’s 1-year deal with Mercedes is a real challenge and it does leave him exposed if Lewis comprehensively dominates him in qualifying and races.

I may be wrong here but I share Jolyon Palmer’s assessment of the situation in that I don’t feel Bottas is going to roll over and play dead. I think the 1-year deal will pressure him to deliver if he wants to stay with the team and in the best car—assuming Mercedes is still the best car in 2017. I think Valtteri will do fine and I would be surprised if he wasn’t there or thereabouts with Hamilton. If that isn’t the case, then Mercedes shouldn’t have hired him.

Rosberg chose to quit Formula 1 on his own accord after winning the title, not after being beaten to a pulp by Hamilton. I believe Nico did what he came to do and recall that he was at Mercedes trundling around in an uncompetitive car long before Lewis came on board so I think it was more his decision than anything Lewis did to end his career.

If I’m Anthony Hamilton, I’m very proud of my son but if I’m a teammate to Lewis Hamilton, I’m not worried about him ending my career. I’d focus on producing for the team and let Lewis worry about his own career.

Hat Tip: Sky Sports F1

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I think Anthony is speaking from personal experience. Clearly his own career didn’t fair too well when he went up against Lewis. :-P


Is he talking about other drivers, or is he telling us that waiters and clothing sales persons who clash with LH can expect to suffer the consequences?????
I guess we’ll have to wait until we can read LH’s book in 10 years time.

Purple Sector

What is it about Hamilton that gets you so worked up? Why do you feel the need to twist Hamilton’s fathers opinions to create fake controversy? This is borderline tabloid writing. If you applied the same appetite for presenting a “dissenting voice” for all things Hamilton to other drivers on the grid, readers might feel you don’t have an ax to grind. Your Hamilton focus, and often in a very negative light, is disturbing. You and Seb have a common personality trait. You think that as long as you’re smiling or laughing while you stick in your jabs, we’ll miss… Read more »