Belgian GP Review | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 747

Join Paul and me as we review what was supposed to be the FIA Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix. We discuss the key issues in the news such as:

Should this be classified as a race? Was F1 just ticking the commercial terms boxes? Should fans have their tickets refunded? And much, much more.

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I agree that having had officially a “race” makes it easier for Formula 1 to go into any contract/liability negotiations that might follow after the Belgien Grand Prix. But it also makes it easier within F1. Because there was a “race”, all grid penalties were applied, it counts as the use of the gearbox and so on. If they would not have had a race, F1 would now debate whether to carry over penalties to the Dutch Grand Prix. The gearboxes did the quali, but would that also count as a use in a race and so on. And whatever… Read more »


As expected, a very wry and amusing review of the non-race. Good job.

And that too, Paul, was the point for me… there was NO racing this weekend.


I any insight on the Perez crash? I did not agree with his statement that it could have happened to anyone. From what I saw in the video, he screwed-up trying to short-cut the courner. Then had his car in a position where he need to increase the rotation of the car while he had 2 tires on the slick paint and curb. It was completely his mistake.

Louis Jansen

Today F1 and the Spa circuit have promised to compensate us spectating fans who were rained off the circuit and didn’t see a race. So my wife and I would like to: Be invited for beer and curry wurst in the Mercedes pits by Toto and have some quality time discussing their team tactics and driver appointments. Next have coffee with Max and playing some F1 game on his PlayStation console. Further be able to complain and exchange some strong language with Steiner in the Haas motor home. That is okay for us to be compensated, can we make arrangements… Read more »

Louis Jansen

My wife would like to add: having some equity investments advisory by Toto and Susie.