Berger explains STR sale

Gerhard Berger
This week I was scratching my head over the sale of Gerhard Berger’s ownership in Scuderia Toro Ross.After taking the team to an all-time high and surpassing the senior Red Bull squad, Gerhard is bowing out. It was interesting in that Mr. Mateschitz was looking to sell his interest just a couple months ago and yet this week we find him in sole possession of the team. Why? Well, it seems Gerhard thinks STR is going to go nowhere in 2009. At least that’s what he explained to Autosport. Gerhard blames the 2009 regulations as the suspect culprit for his assertions and claims there is no bad blood between Mr. M and himself. Although rumor has it that there was friction over the driver line-up between the two.

“The new rules leave no room for improvement for a small team as STR,” Berger told

“Also, Dietrich’s interest will focus on Red Bull Racing, therefore the support for STR will become smaller and prevent the team from improving further from sixth.

“I don’t want to decline, that is not in my nature.”

But Berger emphasised that he was leaving Toro Rosso on good terms.

“Yes, I will be out of STR, but the split with STR and Dietrich is completely amicable and there was no rift between us.”

He also denied speculation that his departure had been prompted by a disagreement over Toro Rosso’s 2009 driver choice.

“It has nothing to do with that,” Berger insisted.

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