Berger not ‘pleased’ with Schumacher of late

Gerhard Berger has usually been a supporter of seven-time champion Michael Schumacher’s but it seems even he has been less than pleased with the Mercedes GP driver’s recent performance. While many have called for the German’s head and immediate ban from teh sport over an aggressive (some say insane) blocking maneuver on Rubens Barrichello in the Hungarian Grand Prix, Berger stops short of such rhetoric telling German website Auto Motor und Sport (VIA ITV):

“You can’t forget Michael he is still a seven-time world champion, and we should all be happy that he is competing again,” said Berger.

“However in the last few races, I haven’t been pleased with him at all, as he has been taking more steps back than forward. He has tried several strange tricks to gain points, and they have all come to nothing.”

“Maybe he is putting himself under too much pressure.”

It seems that while many have wondered about the logic of Schumacher’s comeback, Berger warns not to underestimate him. The pass on Barrichello seemed to raise the vitriol to a whole new level but Berger suggests its more of a change in culture in F1 and the acceptance of such a move was deemed acceptable in the past:

“The incident in Budapest with Barichello was simply not on,” said Berger. “10 years ago that might have been seen as a normal move, and we could have all got up to things like that – myself included”

“However, there is absolutely no place in the sport for that now; pushing someone into the wall. With all of his experience alone, Michael must have known that”

“Nevertheless, now that he has apologised, the issue should be settled.

What do you think? Has the sport simply changed making Schumacher’s blocking move intolerable now when it was tolerable in the past?

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