Bernie backs Mosley in reversal of words

There are many prime movers in life and I suspect Mr. Ecclestone has found one that has promted a outright endorsement for Max’s continuation in F1 as the President of the FIA. Either Max is playing ball or Bernie’s back is against a thin wall.That is my suspicion but I have been wrong before. Telling BBC Radio 5 Live:

“I will welcome him back. He should come back and he should just carry on like he always carries on,”“I thought, and was told, it would affect the business, but, with all these things, people have now really come to the conclusion that whatever happened with Max is Max and nothing to do with anybody else, I don’t think they really care any more – people forget all these things.

“It was a shock at the time it happened, to everybody. If it had happened to other people, it probably wouldn’t have been a shock. Because it was Max, and what with that about his dad [Sir Oswald Mosley, the wartime Fascist leader], so it was all blown up a little bit.”

While Bernie’s endorsement probably does mean something to many in the paddock and around the world, I doubt very seriously many will forget Max’s private life exposed on the internet and papers around the world. The relationship between Max and the hundreds of people involved in F1 is still staind and while Bernie feels their relationship is “still the same,” I somehow suspect that Bernie’s endorsement is a master move of a master politico. There is more to this story unfolding as the teams have been meeting, with Bernie, to develop the requested regulations. It seems hard to believe that Max’s comments around the 2-4 of August concerning his plans for an F1 without Bernie can be easily swept under the rug. The power struggle continues between the CVC, Bernie and the FIA (Max).

I suspect that the struggle has either taken a move toward Max, Max as acquiesced on a FOM position or the power brokers of F1 have played a hand that is strong enough to get Bernie to drop the anti-Max position. We’ll have to wait and see. Although Bernie does suggest that Max could be up for another 4-year term. I am really hoping not, I am not sure F1 or I could take it.

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