Bernie has a new girlfriend…no, it’s not Nicole

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has a new girlfriend…according to News of the World. She is 5 years older than Ecclestones daughter (25). Since the 78-year-old commercial rights boss of Formula 1 is single now, it seems that love and companionship is still on his mind and he was very complimentary of her:

“I’ve known Fabiana for quite a long while. Now we’re a little bit closer than just knowing each other. She’s gorgeous but, forget everything else, she’s a nice person – she has a good nature.

“She’s the sort of girl I’d want to spend more and more time with. I will be seeing her more regularly, oh yeah.”


So good for Bernie! Apparently he is on the dating scene and while I thought he and Ron Dennis would be out clubbing, I guess this may take Ecclestone off the speed dial for Ron. Maybe now we know what is prompting some odd comments regarding short cuts and overtaking?

Ecclestone certainly has my blessing in seeking a significant other and far be it from to judge the age gap but there is one thing I am concerned about…judging by the picture below. I wonder if Max hasn’t already covered this territory and knowing who Max has been with–I am not sure I would be so eager for a relationship Bernie. I’m just saying…

mosley flosi

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