Bernie tips Button; Button nips Bernie

While Bernie Ecclestone was reveling in his recently FIA endorsed ‘winner-takes-all’ points system for 2009, he took time to even tip Jenson Button for a possible contender for the title:

“If Brawn has got it right, then there is a chance that for the first three races we could maybe see Jenson winning,” said Ecclestone.

“Now that it is not points that decides the championship, if he has three races in his pocket then it is not bad – although I suppose in the end you have to look at the old timers like [Fernando] Alonso, Kimi [Raikkonen], Felipe [Massa] and Mr [Lewis] Hamilton.”

But Jenson button was actually voicing concerns with clear-headed reasoning which obviously came across as a good, succinct criticism of Ecclestone’s new scoring system.

“I think the public will struggle to understand why a driver with 60 points can become champion instead of the one who has 100,” he explained to Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I understand the logic behind it and I find it interesting.

“For sure it’s an incentive to always go for the win, but it seems risky too – after nine races, we could find ourselves with a driver that has already won the title and can stand still eating ice cream, while the guy in second in the standings is just 18 points behind.”

So if Jenson gets it…why can’t Max or Bernie? Afterall, Jenson is that guy everyone threw under the bus in favor of Lewis Hamilton as the British F1 hero so what does he know? Nothing apparently.

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